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A website is your window to the world.
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Habits have changed in the past few years... no one uses the Yellow Pages to find goods or services... they use the internet.

And if your business doesn't have a website, you won't get their business. This isn't a sales pitch; it's simply the truth.

You only have one chance to make a first impression... make it a good one.


What does it take to get your website up and running?

For one reasonable fee, Reilly Associates does it all for you.

These are the steps:

      We will register your domain name.
Your domain name should represent your business, such as "" - or you may prefer a more general, generic domain name, such as ""

      We will create an account for you with Start Logic, the host server.
The host server is where your webpages will be stored. The internet will access your website through the host server. This is also where your email will be stored and re-routed to your personal computer.

      We build a prototype of your website.
After a phone conversation, we will build a prototype webpage using the colors and styles you suggested. We will also guide you through the process, so you can relax - just tell us what you like.

      After we find a prototype we like, we will create other pages and begin to populate these pages with photos and text.
We will post your fledgling website on our own server. Only you will be able to see it. You can look at your website and begin to customize it. You can instruct us to make this line bold, move that photo to the center, add a tint of color to the background, and so on.

      You will need to supply the words and images you want to see on your website.
We will make suggestions - and often our clients use the words and images we suggest for them - but in the end, no one knows you and your business better than yourself. You are the driver, and we are the vehicle to get you there.

      We will create as many email addresses as you wish.
Your email addresses will reflect your domain name, such as "" or ""

      Sign off. The website goes live!
This is an exciting time. Your website is published for the world to see, and you are the proud 'parent.'

      Search engine optimization
We will directly register your website with Google, and supply them with a map of your webpages. We will also create a file for the "spiders" (search engine routines that find websites and report the data back to their search engine) directing them to read the Sitemap file we place on the host server. This will allow them to report your website accurately and completely. We also place code into every webpage that contains the metadata (keywords and descriptions, etc.) needed by the spiders to identify your website correctly.

      Animation, forms, shopping carts, Pay Pal
More complicated services are available, for an additional fee. We can create slideshows of your products or the progress of a work project, or we can create a beautiful mood piece with music, voice track and sound effects. We can create a form that your visitors can fill in and send to you. We can also create a transactional website that coordinates your product offerings with a shopping cart and credit card payment administered by Pay Pal.


You are invited to take a look at the different kinds of animation you might consider for your own website. Click on the Menu Bar Link at the top of this page.